Satanic Cult Operating Within Church


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3 Responses to Satanic Cult Operating Within Church

  1. Satia says:

    I was referred to your blog, and was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of quotes, forgive me I might be a bit slow, but can you please tie all this together for me. As the saying goes there’s way too much information, and I need smaller pieces with a bit of a bridge to tie it all together. Thank you.

  2. stockoneder says:

    Hi. According to all I have ever read in scripture or heard church leaders say, ALL children who die before the age of eight go automatically to the celestial kingdom. That includes all black children, who have died by the millions. So this whole blacks are inferior and not worthy of the priesthood, temple blessings, etc. makes no sense to me.
    I understand the ban as being due to the inability of the white members, to accept blacks until that time, due to their own prejudices.

  3. LDS Apostasy says:

    Brigham Young himself said blacks would be able to enjoy full privileges in the next life. Nobody is teaching that blacks would be barred entrance into the celestial kingdom. Their restrictions only pertain to this mortal probation.

    By the way, nobody is “automatically” saved in the celestial kingom. Joseph Smith never even used that word in the place you think he did.

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