The purpose of this blog is to present evidence of apostasy within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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  1. Brother Benjamin says:

    Yes, there is terrible apostasy both within and without the church, but let this truth not weigh down your soul in sorrow. The scriptures clearly prophesy a final gathering of wheat from amongst the tares, and the establishment of Zion. This work is now beginning, just as the church is ripening for destruction. I invite all to come and gather, live all the commandments of God, and find joy and exaltation. There are temples being built, consecrated communities being established, and revelation flowing upon the heads of Latter-Day Saints. But all these things are hidden from the wicked. I invite you to call me at 801-769-6279, or write me at right.Branch@gmail.com. I hope to begin a conversation with you that will allow the spirit to guide us into all truth. May God bless you with his spirit as you seek to know him.

    Your Friend,
    Brother Benjamin

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