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“A Corrupt Religion”

Sidney Rigdon, First Counselor in the First Presidency, June 1835: “That part of the work of the Holy spirit in the salvation of men, which consists in giving them vision, forms one of the most important parts (of the Spirit’s … Continue reading

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“The Church Must Go to Destruction”

When one interviewer mentioned the “Church policy” that “blacks had the mark of Cain,” President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “It’s behind us. Look, that’s behind us. Don’t worry about those little flecks of history.” (Interview with Mike Wallace on the … Continue reading

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“Far Removed from Its Peculiar Roots”

Mike Wallace, correspondent for 60 Minutes: “Gordon Hinckley . . . wants to portray Mormons as mainstream, not extreme. And for that Hinckley has hired a Jewish-owned public relations firm.” (Voiceover, during interview with Gordon B. Hinckley, 60 Minutes, broadcast on the CBS television … Continue reading

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No Longer Persecuted

Brigham Young, President of the Church, 31 May 1857: “When the spirit of persecution, the spirit of hatred, of wrath, and malice ceases in the world against this people, it will be the time that this people have apostatized and … Continue reading

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History Repeating Itself

Joseph Fielding Smith of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, 28 Dec. 1938: “It is a very apparent fact that we have traveled far and wide in the past 20 years. What the future will bring I do not know. … Continue reading

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Persecution from Within

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Robes of the False Priesthood

Hugh W. Nibley, Professor Emeritus of Ancient Scripture, BYU Commencement, 19 Aug. 1983: “Twenty-three years ago on this same occasion, I gave the opening prayer, in which I said: ‘We have met here today clothed in the black robes of … Continue reading

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